About Us

Established in 1971, METRO INVESTIGATIONS, INC. is the largest female owned and operated NATIONWIDE investigative firm in the United States.

Metro's mantra - Success only comes before work in the dictionary - is a direct reflection of our "roll up our sleeves" attitude. When it's too tough for everybody else, it's just right for Metro!

We like to think of ourselves as a company that thinks "outside the box." This belief is best reflected in our recruitment of diverse personnel (various backgrounds, racial diversity, and bilingual investigators), our cutting edge technology, such as our extremely covert -the size of a nail head -micro video cameras, and our ability to gather information through our creative, results oriented, pretext work.

Our subsidiary, Metro Spy Supply [www.MetroSpySupply.com], gives us a distinct advantage in both the corporate and private sector world of investigations, in that we have the most technologically advanced equipment at our fingertips which allows us to customize any type product imaginable.

Training: You bet we have training! It is the core of who we are and it is our deepest commitment to our clients because it ensures a quality product! Our comprehensive curriculum guarantees our clients that we will deliver on each and every case that we are assigned! It allows us to maintain that “gold standard” in our work product. We like to think of our training program as an organic hands-on college for our investigators which gives them the confidence to excel in anytype investigation. Regardless of background (law enforcement, military background, private investigative experience, etc.), all Metro’s employees must graduate from our in-house training program. Yes, there is classroom training, but that is paired with extensive field training --- nothing can substitute for real life experiences.

Metro’s philosophy for training is stated simply: As creative as you challenge yourself to be, that’s how successful you will be in this business! Well, we assure you, we “challenge” our investigators by asking our investigators to not only succeed, but to excel, in the most intensive private sector training accessible to the public. We definitely have “raised the bar” with our in-depth and extensive curriculum that spans over several months. In the end, we graduate investigators that have dedicated themselves to a career and not just a job!

The below services deal strictly with Metro's corporate services; however, our Domestic Division of Metro Investigations [www.SpyDiva.com] targets private sector matters - addressing everything from Date Rape Drug Detectors to Elder Care Abuse Investigations to Divorce Case

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