The only time that success comes before work is in the dictionary and our team has adopted that “Go-Get-Em” attitude which drives us to “out work” any of our competitors. Partnering with our company will give you the expertise with an investigative company that will only be rivaled by the high standard that we hold ourselves to with our investigative strategies.

Our SIU services provide you with a partner to help stop fraud. Our team can help you obtain fraud documentation from the inception of the case all the way through prosecution and restitution phases. We can also help you design and implement custom anti-fraud programs that can help your employees identify and fight insurance fraud as well as manage your company’s outsourced investigative vendors. We can also educate your team to look for “red flags” that fraud might be occurring, with our “hands on” approach of regular visits and communication with your staff to review potentially fraudulent claim files and to answer any questions.