This investigation involves an in-person interview to determine a claimant’s general health, current medical treatment and medications, next scheduled doctor’s appointment, verification of employment and/or disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, hobbies and activities, description of a “day in the life,” and photographs of the claimant and their residence. An Alive and Well Check can be pre-scheduled or unannounced per your instructions. 


 AOE / COE [Arising Out of Employment/ Course of Employment] is a worker’s compensation based investigation centered around determining the facts or alleged injury by worker on the job. The AOE/COE Investigation is crucial in the early stages of the worker’s compensation claim to determine injury related accident facts before evidence gets lost or memories deteriorate. The purpose of the AOE/ COE Investigation is to establish if the employee’s alleged injury was work related or whether the injury was not industrial but affected by third parties. Our goal is to return the claimant to work as soon as possible by “digging up” possible hidden facts. 


 Have that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that something is just not right? Don’t ignore that “gut” instinct - investigate your claimant’s civil, criminal, educational, DMV, and Social Networking History, to eliminate any doubt in your mind. We can even go a step further and make sure your employees (or possible employees) are not on any Terrorist Watch List to include FBI, DEA, and US State Department Watch Lists. 


 On the fence about investigating a claim? Then use this tool to learn more about your claimant before initiating a field investigation. For instance, what details will be revealed from internet social networking sites? We can also uncover information regarding employment, hobbies, sports, activity levels, daily routines, and civil / criminal records. 



There is no telling the amount of money that is lost to companies every year because of trade secrets that are compromised, traded or bought by employees looking to make an “extra buck.” It is estimated that theft of trade secrets is around $100 billion; however, finding precise statistics on corporate espionage is impossible because no company wants to admit they have been a victim of this crime. Many corporations are now implementing proactive measures (described below) to defend against this crime.

A) Bug Sweeps: (Businesses and Company vehicles)

  1. Does confidential information seem to be getting out to competitors / interested parties?
  2. Was your office or vehicle entered and very little or nothing was taken?
  3. Do you hear unusual sounds (crackling, clicks, volume changes) on your telephone (cell or office)?

Metro Investigations offers several comprehensive diagnostic debugging services (Analysis of ALL RF electromagnetic emanations, location of audio / video devices and detection of GPS tracking) as a proactive approach to dealing with a more and more common situation – eavesdropping and surreptitious information gathering. Level the playing field or just keep the advantage by knowing exactly who or how someone may be gathering information about you or your company. (Call for individual quotes)

B)  Tracking of Fleet Vehicles: Do you ever wonder if your employees are using their company vehicles for personal errands? Do you ever wonder why certain employees always take longer than others to cover their routes? If you’ve answered yes, then we suggest contacting us about our fleet tracking systems. Instantly know where any of your employees are day or night – with our real-time tracking devices.


 Bootlegging and pirating of brand name items (knockoffs) is a form of white collar crime that is rapidly gaining more and more of a reputation. Consumers don't seem to understand that when these perpetrators are not stopped from committing this type of fraud, the cost is passed down to you and me, the consumer, the little guy. We are the team that can canvass the flea markets, the retail outlets, the mail order companies - detecting the phony labels, detecting the bogus insignias and detecting the false licensing stamps. Preparation, patience and perseverance ultimately wins this battle and we have it all! 


 The science of graphology, handwriting analysis, is built on common sense and on simple, logical deductions that most people already make without realizing it. Graphology can be utilized in all segments of life. You can discern, for example, whether the writer is honest or dishonest, sane or insane, intelligent or not so intelligent, emotionally stable or unstable, motivated or lazy, good health or poor health... plus many, many more important characteristics. Great for hiring prospective employees or discerning if someone is lying when they write the details of a supposed accident, incident or crime. This service is priced per document page. 


 This is a service offered at times violence is expected or anticipated and is conducted in a proactive manner – not after a violent act has occurred. When an employee is judged to be at risk or an employee deemed to be a threat to other employees because of possible dismissal, we can establish 24-Hour surveillance, coordinate with local authorities and have an emergency plan in place. Our goal is to eliminate the possibility of a subject destroying company property, becoming violet with fellow employees or management personnel and / or damaging personal property of other employees. 


 Jury selection is one of the most important facts in defense work. You might have a solid case but the key in winning your case will be to select the jury that will be the most sympathetic to your case. You may feel your case is strong but if it is heard by the wrong ears you will surely lose. You can't fight what is already ingrained in somebody's mind and heart. Metro can help you choose the right jury to hear  your case. One of the key factors in jury consulting is the profiling of jurors. Jury profiling requires investigating the following - researching political affiliation, researching professional background and standing, researching educational background, researching community standing, investigating criminal history, inquiring into professional affiliations and researching religious affiliations. Metro not only gathers information to solidify your case, but we see the case through until the very end! 


 Concerned about a pre-existing illness? Concerned about excess drug purchases? Then, this is definitely what the doctor ordered. A records search that provides information obtained from hospitals, physicians [physician specialties can be searched, too, such as family practitioners, orthopedists, neurologists, imaging centers, walk-in clinics, dentists, chiropractors, etc.), and pharmacies (CLAIMANT RELEASE REQUIRED). NOTE: Medical records are not provided but the location of treatment is provided. 

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INVESTIGATIONS [Plaintiff and Defense Investigations]

Malpractice can be committed in any medical / professional arena, including doctors, dentists, nurses, nursing assistants, physician’s assistants, psychologists, therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, emergency medical personnel, nursing home facilities, birthing centers or even free clinics.

Negligent cases should not be brought unless there are serious compelling damages by the healthcare professionals. Our investigators can provide valuable insight about the healthcare provider such as:

  1. Mental or Physical incapacity [Drug or Alcohol abuse]
  2. Criminal convictions
  3. Financial difficulties and /or stress caused by a Divorce
  4. State Board of Medical Examiners [Prior complaints or Disciplinary actions against the healthcare provider as reported to the state board of each governing entity]
  5. Work record at prior employers to establish stability and/or problems that might have been documented.

Along with these alleged cases of malpractice, fraud naturally follows. Often plaintiffs will exaggerate their medical disabilities which are then shown to be false through video surveillance captured by our investigators that disproves the claim. Coupled with our thorough investigative team that researches and addresses all fraud indicators, the plaintiff’s allegations are then debunked with our company consistently making every effort to secure evidence to refute the alleged claim. Keep in mind, our company is willing to work directly with the healthcare professional or facility being sued as often time is of the essence to stop the momentum of the alleged claim. We can later advise / and or work with insurance companies upon the healthcare professional’s request.


 While in many instances a stalker may limit harassment to annoying phone calls, emails, text messages and letters, it is uncommon for a situation to escalate into an assault or a homicide. However, due to an offender’s erratic and unpredictable behavior, it can be hard to predict what a stalker will do next or how far they will go. Whether your situation involves an individual you know intimately (e.g.- a jealous ex-husband or ex-wife, former partner or lover, a business partner or work colleague, or a friend), a casual acquaintance or a complete stranger, stalking is a crime that can leave you psychologically traumatized, physically injured or worse. We are sensitive to the emotional nature of these types of investigations and work with our clients to acquire information as quickly, covertly and efficiently as possible. 


Investigations conducted in order to determine possible third party compensability. This type investigation examines the circumstances around an injury or damage claim to determine if a third party has any responsibility in the incident. 


 Whether you have an employee stealing physical property or company secrets, internal theft is a multi-million dollar a year problem. Yes, surveillance is a solution, but also keep in mind that we have personnel that are more than ready to become entrenched in “your world” to expose the “bad guy.” Also, with our subsidiary, Metro Spy Supply []… the latest and greatest covert equipment is at your fingertips. We can teach you how to remotely monitor your business right from your cell phone or computer - imagine the savings of eliminating physical surveillance, but still rectifying the problem! 


Threat Assessment in risk management is becoming more and more prevalent everyday. Threats can take different forms; e.g., employee harassment, customer harassment, identifying hostile extremists, identifying hate and racial groups, identifying hostile internal factions assembling regarding company policies and management or even product tampering. All are real issues that have to be identified and dealt with on a proactive level so the threats can be addressed before they escalate out of control. Our skilled investigative team has the experience and training to solve these type cases from inception to deception. 


We all understand the “nuts and bolts” of these types of investigations, but where Metro differentiates ourselves, is our attitude about the tool in solving these type cases… surveillance. They say that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. We believe that our formula for success – state of the art technology, mainly women and racially diversified investigators, matched with unparalleled preparation (due diligence before we even get on a case) - allows us the ability to make our own “luck” when you give us the opportunity. Customized packages can be put together to fit each individual clients’ needs. 


Many of us watch the news on t.v. and see what is going on in the world but, we feel isolated, as if the problems aren’t going to happen to us. When we hear of workplace violence, we think it happens to other businesses, other people, and other communities. We never think it’s going to happen in our own backyard. Then when violence occurs in our workplace, it hits very close to home and we realize what little control we have over the situation. MPI teaches preventative measures on how to anticipate work force violence and we are available to teach these type workplace preventative measures or offer counseling to groups or companies that have had violent work place experiences.